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K-Structures™ Sustainable Energy Roof Solutions

In providing a complete K-Structures™ Sustainable Energy Roof Solutions, K-Structures™ conceptualized and inaugurated the design and build of the Retrofitted Solar Photovoltaic System into our existing building systems. Renewable energy is a sustainable solution to the current woes of our planet, and we are acting on it, by integrating Solar Photovoltaic onto roofs. Solar PV is one of the most sought after renewable energy solutions in the market today.

K-Structures™ is one of the approved Photovoltaic Service Provider registered with the Ministry Of Energy, Green Technology & Water (KeTTHA) and has the capability to carry out system design and installation. K-Structures™ employs competent personnel having ISPQ qualified system designer and experienced PV System Engineer to attend to all your technical and commercial queries concerning the PV system application of your roofs.

The Renewable Energy Act 2010 is set to be implemented in Malaysia by year 2011. Under this new Act, there will be a new Feed-in Tariff mechanism implemented whereby the building owner can tap on the power of the sun and convert the solar energy into AC which is connected to the energy grid, and be paid for generating green energy. The Return On Investment (ROI) by using Solar PV is very attractive and K-Structures™ is equipped to assist you in making the move towards Sustainable Energy Roof Solutions!

K-Structures™ has recently been appointed by Schneider Electrics Malaysia as one of their approved System Integrators for their range of Xantrex Grid-Tie and Off-Grid inverters and charges. In addition, Kaneka Japan and Mitsui Kuala Lumpur have appointed K-Structures™ as one of the distributors of Kaneka Hybrid solar PV modules in Malaysia. Go to the Downloads page to select the required technical specification.