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Get to Know What are Roof Purlins

When building a house, in order for a roof to be sturdily supported, architects or structural engineers use a roof purlin. A roof purlin is a bar or beam horizontally place beneath the roof for added support. These purlins are further supported by either the walls of a structure, a house or building or by rafters.

Kinds of Roof Purlins

There are several types of roof purlins being used in homes and buildings. One is the traditional wooden roof purlin made from solid wood beams which have usually undergone weatherproofing and at times even an insulation substance. The two mentioned extra procedures ensure that the wooden roof purlins would last longer and are stronger than untreated ones.

The most commonly used roof purlins today, whether on houses or buildings, is the steel or metal purlins which is made out of steel which cold-formed and is very thin so that the screws could easily go through. The cold-forming process that steel roof purlins undergo is by pressing thin steel sheets into the needed shape or form. Steel purlins which are cold-formed have the most reasonable price for the manufacturer compared to other steel purlins made by hot-rolling steel. Cold-formed steel purlins are also work-friendly and very easy to utilize.

Types of Steel Roof Purlins

There are three different types of steel purlins that you can choose from depending on your roof support needs and these are RHS or Rectangular Hollow Section, C or Cee, and the Z or Zed purlins.

• Rectangular Hollow Section Purlins (RHS Purlins)

RHS Purlins are the type of roof purlins often utilized in roofing especially if the support structure will be observable or visible once the construction is completely finished. An example where RHS Purlins is used is with decks. Like what the name of this purlin says, hollow, caps are being placed and welded well at the ends so that moisture will not seep in and damage or corrode the steel bar. Then the rectangular shape of the RHS purlins aid on giving the classic and stylish look like that of roof purlins made of wood.

• Cee Purlins (C Purlins)
Cee purlins or also known as C Purlins are the shape of the letter "C" except they are squared off. Aside from being roof purlins they can also be used in walls where they become a wall stud and floors where they are called floor joists. Cee purlins are also commonly used in shed roofing. They can be used to shape braces, columns, and ties. These are also being utilized by K-Structures™, a company which provides quality solutions and assistance in steel building system.

• Zed Purlins (Z Purlins)
Another roof purlin utilized by K-Structures™ is the Zed Purlins or the Z Purlins. This purlin has the "Z" shape which allows the purlins to overlap right around the joint. These are also deemed to be stronger than C Purlins because of this ability. Commonly though, Z purlins are often used as wall studs but they are the preferred roof purlins for large roofing projects and constructions.

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