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Lightweight Roof Truss


K-Structures™ Steel Truss Systems are formed using High-Tensile Galvanized or Zincalume® channels and purlins. They can be easily fabricated and assembled on site especially for trusses with long span where transportation is a major problem. The simplicity of the trusses makes it an easy task to be carried out by skilled workers. With no painting required, the actual construction period is thus shortened.

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The assembly of trusses only requires self-drilling screws with good power drills. In certain cases, galvanized bolts and nuts are adopted depending on the design. The material (galvanized / Zincalume®) and thickness of the truss members and battens may range from 0.50 mm -2.00 mm depending on the design. For thicknesses less then 1.0mm, the materials are manufactured to conform to AS 1397 Aluminum Alloy AZ 150 or JIS 3302 G550 SGCH Hot-Dipped Zinc Coating Z200. The minimum yield strength for these materials is 550MPa. For thicknesses above 1.50 mm, the materials shall conform to JIS 3302 SGC440 with minimum yield strength of 400MPa and Zinc Coating of Z275.



Design Specifications

K-StructuresTM Light Weight Steel Roof Truss System is designed in accordance with the relevant building codes and engineering standards. The design also caters for the M & E services and ceiling loads. All our K-Structures™ Systems comes complete with shop drawings, supervisions, P.E. endorsement and are installed by our accredited installers. All framings and trusses produced by Kemuning Structures Sdn Bhd are engineered and detailed by our group of in house Engineers and CAD operators.

With the aid of computer aided design software, the truss designs are engineered and optimized for its performance in providing a more competitive building solution without ever compensating on the structural integrity of the roof. Typically, trusses are design in compliance to BS 5950 Part 5 design standards as well as AS 4600:1996 cold form section design standards