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Lightweight Shed


All-in-one solution to build a cold-formed galvanised steel buildings for your warehouse, shed, agricultural farm, sport complex and etc. Instead of conventional steel construction method, lightweight steel shed are cost efficient system as it is light, easy fabrication and erection, faster construction pace and etc.

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K-Structures™ introduced BIPV System (Industrial Design Registered :MY12-01241-0101) which integrate solar panels as the roof material. It eliminates the traditional roof material such as tile or metal roofing. Not only that, it gives you additional bonus under the Sustainable Energy Authority Malaysia (SEDA)'s Feed in Tariff(FIT) schemm on top of standard based rate.

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Lightweight ShedAdvantages

  • Cost Effiient Design
  • Savings on Substructures
  • Industried Building System (IBS)
  • Fast Installation
  • Dry / Clean Construction
  • Minimized Workers At Site


  • Leak Proof BIPV Solutions
  • SustainableEnergy
  • Duo Income (SEDA Feed-in-Tarriff Scheme)
  • Eliminates Roof

Industrial Design Registered MY12-01241-0101
Material Cold-form galvanized steel
Steel Grade G550
Design Code

BS 5950-Part 5
Code of Practice for design of cold-form section.
CP Chapter V (1972) - Wind loading with
assumed wind speed of 33m/s

Max Span 15 m - 17 m *subject to site condition
Max Height 5 m - 6 m *subject to site condition