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Steel Building Solutions

IBS Building System

KStr IBS Building System consists of load-bearing and none-load bearing wall system, composite floor slab construction that built with a series of high tensile galvanized cold formed c-sections. The total building weight can be designed lighter by half compare to conventional building.

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Lightweight Roof Truss

K-Structures™ Steel Truss Systems are formed using High-Tensile Galvanized or Zincalume® channels and purlins. They can be easily fabricated and assembled on site especially for trusses with long span where transportation is a major problem. The simplicity of the trusses makes it an easy task to be carried out by skilled workers. With no painting required, the actual construction period is thus shortened.

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Lightweight Shed

All-in-one solution to build a cold-formed galvanised steel buildings for your warehouse, shed, agricultural farm, sport complex and etc. Instead of conventional steel construction method, lightweight steel shed are cost efficient system as it is light, easy fabrication and erection, faster construction pace and etc.

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Drywall System

KS Drywall comprises a series of lightweight wall assemblies framed with alu-zinc alloy coated steel stud components together with one or more layers of gypsum/cement board fixed to one or both sides of the wall as well as insulation materials. Distinct with conventional dry wall system, KS Wall Framing System designed in either load bearing walls or non-bearing walls’ application.

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